The purpose of my project is to clash art and science. The compound poly pavement is used to harden sand and fill cracks in cement or pathways. By adding water to poly pavement you can then mix the compound with sand and fill whatever you want or need to be filled with it and it will harden after about a week, depending on the ratio between poly pavement and sand and how much air can reach it. 

If you use molds with this or build up sand on top of itself you can make very interesting shapes. My physics professor and I have made a few shapes with poster board and plastic molds, and successfully created a few basic shapes. On occasion if the compound isn’t mixed right or if there is no air reaching what you want to be dried, when you finish with a shape it may fall apart, however we have found that if you only use paper molds and not plastic ones, the shapes will harden much more successfully.         

What we’re working on now is building up sand on top of itself to make more interesting and organic shapes. We have built up the sand/poly pavement mixture in the way someone would build a sandcastle, and now are currently waiting for it to dry. After this weekend we will see how well this works out.