• Donald Tetto

Four Southwestern students have been selected to receive Hatton W. Sumners Scholarships beginning in the fall of 2013.

The scholarships, which are awarded by the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation of Dallas, are for $5,000 per semester, or $10,000 per year. The scholarships are awarded in the sophomore year and are good for the junior and senior years.

The scholarships are designated for students majoring in political science, history, pre-law or education. Students are selected for the scholarships based on their academic history, extracurricular activities, and leadership experience. Selection for the scholarships includes an interview with the trustees of the Sumners Foundation, which was created in 1949 by former Congressman Hatton W. Sumners (1875-1962).

Students recently selected to receive Sumners Scholarships are Anne Bransford, Lauren Gieseke, Lucero Pina and Jay Scheinman. Bransford and Gieseke are history majors and Pina and Scheinman are political science majors.

In addition to assistance with tuition, students selected to receive Sumners Scholarships have access to other programs sponsored by the foundation, including a distinguished lecture series; a variety of public policy, leadership and civic participation programs; and several educational and internship opportunities in Washington, D.C. Priscilla Hernandez, a senior Sumners Scholarship recipient, has just received an additional $8,000 scholarship to participate in an internship program in Washington this summer. Hernandez plans to participate in the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service sponsored by the Fund for American Studies.


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