Lure Allure explores ideas associated with fishing and incorporates fishing lures into three bodies of work: small oil paintings inspired by the Baroque style, designs created with actual lures attached to canvases, and large watercolors. The three directions are pulled together through the nostalgia for my childhood experiences in nature. 

Two of the still lives began as copies of paintings by Juan van der Hamen y León. By inserting bright plastic fishing lures into the compositions, I introduce an unexpected element to refresh the form. I am interested in reusing the lures in a way that is beautiful through of the element of surprise. 

The assemblage pieces are composed of swirling masses of fishing lures affixed to a canvas.  By repurposing fishing tackle, I aestheticize functional objects and transform the Day-Glo tackle into an undulating swarm. These are influenced by the freedom of design I experienced as a child, playing on the boat dock enraptured by the textures and colors of the shiny worms. 

The large watercolors are inspired by the shapes and translucencies of the lures and fish guts, which are incorporated into designs based on geological maps of Palo Pinto Lake. Watercolors are traditionally small and intimate; I create a different type of intimacy through the use of large paper. 

I unify these three bodies of work, through the use of the lure, which serves as a tool for nostalgia, discovery, and exploration. Through this, the lures become directly linked to an aesthetic experience intended to entice and allure.