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Math and Computer Science

From developing an immersive 3D virtual reality game for teaching languages, to creating mathematical models that improve handicap accessibility routes you’ll learn to apply theory to real world issues in creative and interdisciplinary ways. Along the way, you’ll develop concise and logical patterns of thinking, hone your problem-solving skills and learn critical thought processes that will carry you throughout your career and your life.


Alison Marr

Associate Professor of Mathematics



Alison Marr

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Math and Computer Science
Math and Computer Science
Critical Thinking and Analysis Skills for the 21st Century

Our students gain not only critical thinking skills in their mathematics and computer science courses, but also learn how to leverage the use of computers for graphical visualization, data analysis, and creative problem solving.

Small Class Sizes and Direct Access to Professors

Our upper level courses typically have enrollments of 20 or less, often 10-15, which allows professors and students to engage more readily and facilitates students’ connections with their peers. Through these interactions, the members of the faculty are better able to serve as mentors and advisors in preparation for graduate study and careers.

Independent Studies and Research Opportunities

Members of the faculty offer independent studies to individual students as a creative option. Motivated students also have opportunities to engage in research projects with professors. Students may apply for departmental honors, allowing for a deeper exploration into topics of interest.

Extracurricular Activities

The department supports involvement beyond the classroom, including presentations and posters at regional and national conferences, preparation for competitions such as the Putnam exam, programming contests and COMAP. We also have active and fun student clubs that are involved in campus-wide events.


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National Science Foundation awards Small Business Innovation Research grant to ThoughtSTEM for its LearnToMod technology, a Minecraft Modding software.

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Math and Computer Science News

Assistant Professor of Math and Computer Science, Jacob Schrum, and Lauren Gillespie, Class of 2019.

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SCOPE project focuses on developing intelligent agents using video games and creating visual patterns on a computer screen.

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