In January, Dr. Guidi participated in the Jazz Education Network conference in Atlanta. The conference featured 84 concerts, 77 clinics, and the JENerations Jazz Festival, with over 600 elementary, middle, high school, and college musicians participating in the festival.


Dr. Guidi presented “Transcription: The Ultimate Lesson Plan for Beginning Improvisers.” Focusing on teaching strategies for beginning to experienced jazz musicians, the lecture touched on a variety of teaching methods to accommodate the different learning styles of students. The methods are applied to improvisation in order to teach students the necessity of transcription and with the theoretical chord/scale relationships and other conventions new students often depend on when starting to improvise.


Founded in 2008, the Jazz Education Network is dedicated to building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance, and developing new audiences. It now has over 1,500 members in 22 countries, 7 Canadian provinces, and throughout the U.S. Its annual conference serves teachers, students, artists, performing arts presenters, music industry partners, and music enthusiasts.


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