Professor Thomas Howe, Professor of Art and Art History and Chair of Art History, and Coordinatore Generale of the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation, co-hosted the third international conference sponsored by the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation which presents recent discoveries and activity of the Foundation.

Howe presented three papers. The first was on excavation of the largest well-preserved Roman ever discovered, that of the Great Peristyle of the Villa Arianna at Stabiae, excavated and studied under his direction in 2007-10. The second presented Southwestern’s and NITLE’s tentative project to develop with the Foundation a center for study abroad, with its ambition of lowering the cost of study abroad for students by developing synchronous distance learning. The program is being coordinated with Southwestern’s New-Paideia “Mediterranean Studies” cluster. The third presented the five principal “Adopt-a-Project” fundraising initiatives for launching further large scale excavations.


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