• Photo: Adrian Pingstone

Proposals are reviewed by the Committee on International Programs and Experiences, which makes recommendations to me.

As you know, students participating in the London Semester enroll in classes taught by both Southwestern faculty and British faculty engaged through CAPA, the Centers for Academic Programs Abroad. Once again, we will be sending two SU faculty members in the fall of 2014 to teach along with local faculty. Logistical support for our faculty is provided by CAPA.

If you wish to apply to teach and mentor our students in London in the fall of 2014, please submit an application containing the following:

  • a narrative of what contributions you can make to the program, including your unique role as intellectual mentor and facilitator of intercultural learning for the London Semester students.
  • a proposal of the three courses you would teach in London, including for each a developed description of the course, the student learning outcomes, and the utilization of the UK environment in the course.
  • a statement describing your proven ability as an effective teacher and as a mentor to students.
  • a statement describing the potential impact of a London experience on your course content at SU and your professional development in general.
  • a statement describing the impact your absence might have on the academic program in your department here on campus.
  • a response to the following question:  Are there circumstances that make this a particularly appropriate semester for you to participate in this program?  A simple yes or no is a sufficient response, but you may describe the circumstances if you wish.

Please be aware of additional selection criteria for London Semester eligibility as developed by the members of the Committee on International Programs and Experiences. This information should be helpful to you if you choose to prepare an application.

Other Selection Criteria for London Semester applications:

  • Course offerings that will satisfy a wide variety of requirements, such as General Education requirements, cross-listings, upper-level electives, etc.
  • Anticipated demand for the courses to be taught (which relates to, but is not synonymous with, the criterion above).
  • Rotation among departments.
  • When appropriate, complementarity of course offerings between the two faculty members.

When your draft application is complete, share it with your department chair, discuss it, and revise as appropriate. Submit your completed application to the Provost’s office along with a letter from your department chair assessing the impact of your teaching in London upon the departmental program and indicating the level of his or her support. The chair’s letter should list courses that need to be replaced in the event of your selection.

Please submit your application no later than Monday, October 22, 2012. If you have questions about the program or the application and selection process, please do not hesitate to contact me. Ms. Tisha Temple, Director of Intercultural Learning, can provide you with additional information about teaching and living in London.

These criteria were developed by the members of the International Studies Committee in Spring, 1991, revised in Fall 1996 and approved by the Committee on International Programs and Experiences (CIPE).  Application requirements and other selection criteria were revised by the CIPE in Fall, 2009.

James W. Hunt, Provost and Dean of the Faculty