Not only did he recently land a job he really likes, but his organization has since hired two other Southwestern students and grads and seeks even more!

The son of doctors, Grimshaw had always had an interest in healthcare administration but wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do as a career or whether (and in what field) he wanted to pursue graduate education.  After a frustrating couple months pursuing various leads, he heard back from a company he’d applied to days before called MediMobile, a software company in Georgetown focused on providing mobile solutions for physicians and hospitals to make the often convoluted billing process simpler and faster so doctors can spend more time with their patients and less on paperwork.

“After my many disappointments, I didn’t get my hopes up,” Grimshaw said. He had no idea what to expect when donning his suit and printing extra copies of his resume, but after two interviews he was selected as a Marketing Specialist.

“What I found was a company with everything I hoped for: coworkers committed to helping me succeed, work that let me use the critical thinking skills I developed at Southwestern and a place where my desire to learn new skills was embraced and encouraged,” Grimshaw explained.  “I have learned so much from my three months working here and really developed a passion for the work I do at MediMobile, from building websites to writing a blog to developing long-term marketing strategies.”

As an added bonus, because of MediMobile’s rapid growth, Grimshaw was able to help another recent Southwestern graduate, Eric Johnson ’12 find a job as an administrative assistant.

“Eric has been working at MediMobile for a month, and loves it,” Grimshaw said. “Other Southwestern graduates looking for jobs will be excited to learn that there are several openings for software developers and marketers. You can check these out on the MediMobile website,”

MediMobile isn’t just looking for graduates. Erica Stephenson, a current Southwestern senior, works part-time at Angela Washburn, CPA, an accounting firm which was recently incorporated into the MediMobile family.

“My job at MediMobile has been a better experience than I ever could have hoped for,” Grimshaw concluded. “I have been given a chance to learn new skills and work for a company where hard work and determination are rewarded. So, for those of you stuck in the post-graduate purgatory, don’t give up! You may find what you are looking for is closer than you think.”