Inspired by the process of creation and the ways in which ideas evolve over time, I strive to constantly re-evaluate my own ideas and give them form. After an idea has taken form I approach it again, using knowledge acquired through the creative process. My work explores the cycle of life, and offers a new way of thinking about what the human spirit means to us. Through using a combination of media, including ceramics, 3d animation, and acrylics, a physical representation of the creative process begins to emerge. In Just an Idea and The Wheel, my idea of the spirit was born into the physical form of clay. In The Journey I created a story that connected the ideas that I explored in The Wheel. In Enter, Engage, and Eject, I eliminated all narrative in order to achieve the most essential aspects of the idea that I was exploring.

    As an artist, I explore the concepts that are seemingly set in stone and attempt to create a new way to think about them. The evolution of these ideas through the creative process is also something that I attempt to document. Through experimentation with multiple materials I accentuate the changes that take place over time. For this exhibit I am offering a different interpretation of the human spirit than what is commonly accepted.