This exhibition, Threads Through Time, comprises three separate aesthetic directions as a form of portraiture. The body of work titled by specific events (Sea World, Mount Morency Falls etc.) is derived from original family photos.   In the development of these paintings, I treat them with the same love my family lavished on me during my upbringing.  The brush marks, the careful attention to the mixing of the paint, and the way I move the paint around the canvas coalesce to simulate the deep love and bonds of adoption.
 The three paintings on the south wall and the two on the east wall are abstract “portraits” of people signified by the patterns in the clothes they wear and are titled by the person’s name.  Everyone depicted in an individual portrait has a close tie to me, being either family or an intimate friend.
The prints are representational depictions of portraiture using the hands, feet or heads of people as “signifiers” to represent their identities.  In this sub-series, I still explore the powers of portraiture; however, I refer back to the historical, mimetic, and traditional mode of representation. In this manner I aim to explore the ways in which identity can be manifested through such signifiers of an individual.
In my exploration of these methods, I take the position that abstract painting can still express deeply personal ideas, like embracing the trans-formative and deeply loving nature of adoption through the medium of paint.