• Kira McEntire presenting her project to Joey King.
    Kira McEntire presenting her project to Joey King.

This project has created a mosaic mural on a section of the wall in the new Environmental Studies Lounge in Mood-Bridwell Hall. This is a newly established student space and needs to be personalized for the Southwestern students. The mosaic is made of recycled ceramic fragments from the Southwestern Ceramics program and broken tiles from Home Depot that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash. The image is separated into registers, which each show a different aspect of the environment including flowers, fruits and vegetables, leaves, and shells. Putting a mosaic together is very similar to a puzzle, though the pieces may not all fit perfectly. Working with irregular shapes and curved pieces from ceramic works made this experience a bit more challenging, but provides a beautiful compilation of textures and colors not usually seen in simple tile mosaics. This work will hopefully spark conversations about recycled materials art and the more general relationship between art and sustainability.


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