• Joseph Kyle
    Joseph Kyle

After receiving approval for funding for my King Creativity grant, I found 12 willing participants from my Psychonautics Focus Group. I then sought approval from the Internal Review Board for human subjects on campus. Then, after receiving a thumbs up, I began hosting training sessions for individuals on how to best use the REM-Dreamer device. Because of scheduling conflicts, six individuals were unable to participate in the experiment. For the remaining participants and new recruits, each began either wearing the REM-Dreamer or a normal sleep mask for five nights while recording their dream content and whether or not they were lucid in their dreams. Then, they switched to either wearing or not wearing the device depending on which group they were in order to compare the effects of wearing the REM-Dreamer to just wearing a normal sleep mask. The experiment is currently going on with four individuals being entirely done with the experiment. At the symposium, I shall present these preliminary results along with testimonials from participants who used the device.


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