• Megan DiNoia ('13) at her internship at Flatbed Press
    Megan DiNoia ('13) at her internship at Flatbed Press

Art History major Megan DiNoia (‘13) has an academic internship this semester with Flatbed Press in Austin, where she acts as the office / gallery / registrar intern. Her experience at Flatbed has introduced her to the world of professional galleries, and what goes into running a small gallery especially. “I really love the internship at Flatbed because I feel that it’s a great place to learn a lot about gallery work. The staff of Flatbed is very welcoming, respectful, and appreciative. I think that Flatbed is a very unique place because it’s a respected gallery that still maintains a grassroots, casual feel.” At Flatbed, Megan is responsible for organizing the office, its flat files, and its collections. She pulls prints that need to be shown to buyers, enters new works in the registrar, and creates invoices for purchased items. She also helps to hang new exhibits and pack prints to be shipped.

Megan keeps a blog where she reflects on the responsibilities and opportunities of her internship: “I hear about these horrific internship experiences getting coffee, making copies, never really having anything worthwhile to do… Already, I notice how important we are to the staff at Flatbed. … Not only is everyone friendly and truly interested in our lives, but also they actually expect us to do important things.” Megan’s involvement with the gallery continues to be rewarding, and she recently wrote “about how much I love Flatbed and how lucky I was to be there and know those who created it and kept it going.” To read more about Megan’s internship experience, visit her blog at http://meganinternship.tumblr.com.


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