Jacob graduated from Southwestern in 2007. While there he focused on American politics and multiculturalism, taking a particular interest in the relationship between conceptions of the nation and citizenship during World War II. Following graduation through to 2009, he worked on electoral campaigns and as a policy analyst intern at the state-level. 
From 2009 to 2010 he earned an MSc in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics where he dabbled in minority rights policies in the West/North and focused on ethnic and nationalist conflict. As a consequence of studying at the LSE, but also because of the contemporary global economic environment, he became interested in studying political economy–a field he is now exploring through a part-time diploma program at the University of London.
Since January 2011, Jacob has worked as Program Officer for the Every Casualty Program at the Oxford Research Group, a London-based think tank focused on a range of global security issues. The program is dedicated to understanding existing casualty recording practice in both conflict and post-conflict settings, as well as to encourage states, non-state parties to conflict, and international organisations to implement thorough casualty recording in instances of armed conflict and, more broadly, armed violence. As of late 2011, Jacob has been responsible for integrating casualty recording into the Protection of Civilians agenda at the United Nations. His work is a mixture of research and advocacy, which he hopes will enable him to contribute meaningfully to what throughout his studies remained points of argument: accountability, humanitarian aid, and human rights.