I was awarded an amazing opportunity for a summer internship by the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program. As a program that focuses specifically on non-profits, I learned a great deal about how to find a career in that sector. As museum and library careers are extremely competitive, it was very valuable to gain experience. My internship took place at the Irving Arts Center, which was currently showing “Genghis Khan: the Exhibition,” the largest gathering of 14th century Mongol artifacts. My responsibilities included editing a study guide of the material for teachers bringing in classes, serving as a docent in the exhibit when needed, and organizing the Center’s annual kids’ art camp which ran for two weeks. I learned so much - and not just about running a museum exhibition, but how to function in an office setting, how to combine the arts aspect with the business and government aspects of organizing the exhibit, and how to be extremely flexible in getting necessary projects done in short amounts of time. The art history program at Southwestern University really allowed me to put my knowledge to good use in this program.


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