• William Thomas
    William Thomas

William graduated from S.U. in 2011 and is now working on a Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Language at the University of Texas at Austin. He’s currently researching the impact that the modern myth of the superhero film has on the autonomy of individuals as heroic citizens. William is also putting together his own photography website called LightBrake Photography, which will focus on slowing down in day to day life and capturing the story that often gets overlooked by a glance. He’ll also be presenting his senior capstone project, titled “Reclaiming the Critical Self in Modernity: Individual Contention, Educational Reflection and Political Action” in the “Teaching Political Theory and Theories” panel of the 2012 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference in Washington, D.C. In addition, he’s continuing to brush up on his Italian after a study abroad to Perugia, Italy in the summer of 2009.


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