My series of work explores two different genres: semiotic paintings of iconic objects and representational still lives based on Mughal paintings.  In the first series of iconic paintings, I investigate how the meaning of an image transforms when placed in a new context.  The paintings are composed of icons and symbols chosen randomly through a specific generative system that eliminated my conscious choice of subject matter and leaves the invention of meaning to the audience. 

The second genre began with whimsical prints that explore playfulness through imaginary creatures placed in unsettling environments. These images led to the Mughal inspired still life paintings, which explore and transform traditional still life painting by using modern objects and ten thousand point perspective, an Asian system of perspective that places all elements of a composition at eye level.  The composition and colors of the still lifes are styled after Imperial Mughal paintings.  By placing quirky commercial objects alongside traditional objects that would not typically be found together, the paintings are transformed into contemporary American still lifes (think American Pop culture meets traditional Mughal culture).  By animating objects through bright colors, I create a fertile ground for imaginative interpretation and encourage personal narrative to develop from odd combinations of objects, while maintaining the elegance and grandeur of traditional Mughal and western still life painting.

 ADAMS19 copy