• Rebecca De Los Santos - Growth of Pathological Pear Tree - 2011 Graduate
  • Rebecca De Los Santos - By Night - 2011 Graduate
  • Rebecca De Los Santos - By Day - 2011 Graduate
  • Rebecca De Los Santos - Audrey - 2011 Graduate

My art in the exhibition That They May Travel deals primarily with an engagement with God and the journey to see that which is normally hidden from the human eye.   The large paintings By Day and By Night especially reflect and were inspired by the relationships between faith, narrative, and the revelation of God through physical portrayals as seen in the pillars of cloud and fire (originally described in the Book of Exodus of the Torah).  It is my intent that through pictorial height and scale I might communicate the enormity and awe of not only standing before an eternal being but also of voluntary dependence leading from captivity to a place of promise. 


The other paintings have also explored ideas of wandering through environments in search of concealed expressions and meanings. In paintings such as Growth of Pathological Pear Tree and Portrait of Audrey, I use the techniques of careful rendering and thin washes to convey impressions of hidden concepts, while thicker and more instantaneous brushstrokes relate to a concealment of the delicate, intricate atmospheres beneath.  The purpose of my artwork is to inspire inquiry, just as my personal questionings have led to more and more introspective traveling through veils to a tangible presence of God and the deeper meaning that comes from this voyage.

By Night