• Joey King talks with students at the King Creativity Symposium
    Joey King talks with students at the King Creativity Symposium
    Lucas Adams

These are just some of the topics students will explore thanks to funding from the 2007-08 King Creativity Program.

The King Creativity Program was started in 2000 with an endowment provided by Southwestern alumnus W. Joseph “Joey” King. Each year, the endowment fund supports up to 20 “innovative and visionary projects” of enrolled students. This year, 11 projects were funded for a total of $21,224. Grants were awarded by a committee composed of students, faculty members and administrators. Committee members base awards on creative merit, the soundness of the proposal, feasibility, potential for educational enhancement, qualifications of the student project directors, and budget projections.

Students receiving grants this year are:

Dominique (Niki) Bertrand. Project title: “Basic Instinct: The Hunt for ‘Pinata Colobus.’” Advisor: Steven Schapiro. $1,000

Emily Brandt. Project title: “Women dou hui shuo Zhongwen! Educational Video Curriculum for Beginning Students of Chinese.” Advisor: Patricia Schiaffini. $800

Kaitlyn Dennis, Brooke Lyssy, Andrea Plybon and Katy Siciliano. Project title: “Creation of a Student-Run Southwestern University Radio Station.” Advisor: Jason Chapman. $2,500

Stephen Foster, Tommy Rogers, Carl West, Nathan Lindzey, Bobby Potter and Whitney Johnson.
Project title: “An Extensible Computer Game for Interactive Language Learning (and Other Areas).”
Advisor: Barbara Boucher Owens. $4,600

Matthew Harper. Project title: “A Play in a Day: The 24-Hour Theatre Project.” Advisor: Rick Roemer. $1,200

Pelham Keahey. Project title: “Economical Solar Water Heater.” Advisor: Steve Alexander. $465

Melanie Loop. Project title: “Thermal Solar Powered Refrigerator.” Advisor: Steve Alexander. $1,660

Andrew Mayo and Martin Stanberry. Project title: “Building Bridges: Discussing the Realities of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace.”
Advisor: Jennifer Suchland. $4,100

Natalie Moore and Mary Kierst. Project title: “Southwestern University Art Festival.”
Advisor: Bruce Cain. $1,360

Emily Schmidt. Project title: “Worms, Worms Everywhere!” Advisor: Veronica Martinez. $2,000

Jaymie Teakell. Project title: “Art Series − Consumption and Waste: Reflections through Food.” Advisor: Victoria Star Varner. $1,539

Students will present their work at a symposium to be held on March 31, 2008.