• Lyndsey and Steven Resnik share a moment together in between their season opener games.
    Lyndsey and Steven Resnik share a moment together in between their season opener games.

Lyndsey Resnik and her brother, Steven, both love playing soccer and cheering for each other.

And despite their busy schedules as college students, they are still able to do so.

That’s because both play soccer for Southwestern – Lyndsey on the women’s team and Steven on the men’s team. Since the two teams travel together, Lyndsey and Steven always get to cheer each other on.

Lyndsey came to Southwestern first and is now a junior majoring in kinesiology. Steven is a sophomore majoring in physics and may also minor in music. Both are starters on their teams, with Steven playing outside left midfield and Lyndsey playing outside left backfield.

The Resniks have been playing soccer since they were 4 or 5 years old. They played for the same youth soccer club in Austin − the River City Rangers − and both played soccer at Anderson High School in Austin.

Lyndsey said she decided to come to Southwestern after one of her high school teammates came here. “It’s really nice to play at a Division III school,” she said. “Soccer is a huge part of my life, but it is not everything.”

Lyndsey said she is glad her brother decided to join her at Southwestern. “We’ve gotten even closer since he came here,” she said. “We’ve both grown as players and as people. It’s nice to have someone who is always there for you.”

The two even travelled to El Salvador together last spring on the soccer team’s combined soccer and service trip.

“That was one of the best trips I’ve been on,” Lyndsey said. “It was cool to be able to experience it with him.”

The Resniks are not the first brother-sister team to have played soccer together at Southwestern. Sophomore Max Oldham’s sister, Lauren Kjolhede, was also playing at Southwestern last year when he was a first-year student.