Three months after graduating in May, I packed up and moved myself (and my dog) to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying abroad for a semester during my senior year, I decided to return and live here for the next couple of years. Hopefully, I’ll gain both career and life experience, as I’m hoping to use my history degree to enter the tourism/hospitality field, and eventually go back to school and get my Master’s. I’m also continuing to learn Spanish by working with both foreigners and Argentines alike. After 22 years in Texas, I love living in a big city!


The history department at SU not only supported me throughout my studies, but also inspired me to leave my comfort zone and move to a different language, culture, and lifestyle. By keeping an open mind and an enthusiastic attitude, I’ve learned how to objectively note cultural differences, but also to appreciate them wholeheartedly. I can now say, sin duda, that my background as a history major did way more than enrich my college career…it gave me the courage to start a new adventure on the other side of the world.


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