• Almost 60% of students receive need-based financial aid.
    Almost 60% of students receive need-based financial aid.

Over the past five years, Southwestern University has more than doubled the amount of need-based financial assistance it offers to students – from $6.2 million to $12.7 million.  This represents a tremendous commitment by the University but it is still not enough to keep pace with the growing gap between the demonstrated need of our students and the total financial assistance Southwestern can offer. 

Unfortunately, the financial need demonstrated by students and their families has increased by $10 million over the same five-year period.  The increase since 2008, as families were impacted by the severe recession, is especially significant.  As a result, students now need to secure (on average) more than $11,000 annually, often through additional loans.  This figure is up almost $2,000 from just three years ago.

Gifts to Southwestern scholarships help ensure that a Southwestern education remains accessible to the most qualified students.  Through strong financial support of scholarship programs, even students with the most need will be able to enjoy the advantages of a Southwestern education.

Please consider making a gift today in support of student scholarships.


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