Congratulations to the SU Programming Contest Team of Erick Bauman, Leigh Daniel, Jon Hieb, and Adam Scully on their impressive performance at the ACM/ICPC 2010 South Central USA Regional Programming Contest. The five-hour contest was held on October 30 simultaneously at four different Universities (LSU, Baylor, LeTourneau, and ECU) and 71 teams competed from a three state region. Schools of all types and sizes competed and each team was permitted up to one graduate student competitor. The “su root” team of Erick Bauman, Leigh Daniel, and Jon Hieb solved three of the eight problems, placed 44th among all the schools and placed 11th among the teams from schools that had no graduate students (the Undergraduate Only category). Adam Scully also participated as a reserve and did quite well. Coach, chauffeur, and concessionaire Rick Denman accompanied the team to the contest.


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