• Tommy Rogers defends his honors thesis
    Tommy Rogers defends his honors thesis
  • Sean Watson defends his honors thesis
    Sean Watson defends his honors thesis

Lane Hill completed an Honors Study with Dr. Suzanne Buchele in computer science titled, “The Development of the Windows Easy Language Shell (WELSH).” He was one of only a few students accepted to present his work at the Consortium for Computing Sciences at Colleges (CCSC) South Central Regional conference in Austin in April 2010.

Tommy Rogers and Sean Watson completed their Honors Studies with Dr. Fumiko Futamura in mathematics. Tommy’s honors thesis titled, “Super Resolution Image Construction”, combined two techniques for reconstructing a higher resolution image from a collection of lower resolution images of the same scene. This involved applying a number of areas of mathematics, including Fourier analysis, matrix theory, and group theory. Sean’s honors thesis, “On the Convergence of Infinite Series and Products”, explored the idea of infinite series in a number of different settings, including infinite dimensional spaces, Banach spaces, and Lie groups. He came up with a proof for a version of the Dvoretsky-Hanani theorem for abelian Lie groups, and also for the non-abelian Heisenberg group.

Tommy and Sean both presented their papers at MathFest, the national meeting of the Mathematical Association of America. Sean received a Pi Mu Epsilon Excellent Speaker Award for his presentation.


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