In June 2008, Barbara Boucher Owens gave the keynote address in Pretoria, South Africa, at the SET4-W Conference (Science Engineering and Technology for Women) at the invitation of the South African government. Her address highlighted the NSF funded Computer Educators

Oral History Project (CEOHP) ( for which she is the principal investigator.  In July she was invited by a coalition in New Zealand to give the keynote at the NACCQ (National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications) Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. In between she was a co-leader of a group of investigators developing protocols for analyzing the data collected by the oral history project. This group convened in Madrid, Spain, as part of the Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education Conference sponsored by the organization of which she serving three years as chair, the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education (ACM/SIGCSE). Since the academic year began, she attended the first conferences sponsored by SIGCSE in Australasia, to inaugurate this international endeavor. In October, she gave a presentation on the technical details of the oral history project at the Oral History Association’s annual meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.


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