• Romi Burks is one of six faculty members receiving funding.
    Romi Burks is one of six faculty members receiving funding.

Southwestern has awarded $118,549 to fund six faculty-student research projects during the 2010-2011 academic year. The projects will enable more than 20 Southwestern students to conduct research with faculty members, particularly during the summer.

  • Steve Alexander, associate professor of physics, received $8,788 to build devices that can be used in his electronics class. 
  • Barbara Anthony, assistant professor of computer science, received $10,653 for a project in which she and her students will use Ruppert’s Algorithm to develop code that will improve computer simulations that can be useful across a variety of disciplines.
  • Romi Burks, assistant professor of biology, received $15,455 to continue her research on an exotic applesnail named Pomacea insularum
  • The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry received $64,300 that will enable all of its faculty members to work with student researchers over the summer. Twelve students will be funded through this grant.
  • Paula Desmond, assistant professor of psychology, received $14,956 for her research on the impact of fatigue on driving performance.
  • Sandi Nenga, assistant professor of sociology, received $4,396 to conduct an assessment of a new program for Hispanic high school students that Southwestern is starting this summer.