Southwestern University is eager to announce a partnership with Austin-based Indeed to launch a Job Search Academy available exclusively to SU students and alumni. The collaboration will provide the SU community with virtual access to Indeed’s training programs, on-demand job search content, and career planning resources.

“Indeed created the Job Search Academy to give all job seekers easy access to all of Indeed’s resources and services,” Head of Indeed’s Job Search Academy Matt Berndt said. “We don’t just help people get jobs, we help them prepare for their job search, write their resume, prepare for interviews, evaluate opportunities, and manage their careers long term.”

Indeed’s mission heavily aligns with the goal of Southwestern’s award-winning Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD), which aims to provide the SU community with comprehensive, centralized professional development support, beginning the moment a prospective student enrolls and lasting a lifetime for alumni.

“The Center for Career & Professional Development continues to promote students’ employment interests,” Vice President for Student Life Brit Katz said. “The Indeed Job Search Academy combines technology with students’ desires for more opportunities for employment. During a time in which students cannot always travel from campus, the Job Search Academy allows our students to learn how to research and initiate job prospects from the convenience of any room.”

The Job Search Academy is another powerful tool in the CCPD’s arsenal. Using a student-centered approach, the CCPD also offers assistance with a wide range of items, including writing resumes, practicing interview skills, and connecting with employers and graduate schools.

“We are thrilled to offer the Indeed Job Search Academy to our students and alumni,” Director of the CCPD Adrian D. Ramirez said. “Performing an effective job search requires knowledge of and continued exposure to career development best practices. The Job Search Academy provides a critical component of that process. Our goal is for students and alumni to leverage this resource in pursuit of their current and postgraduate goals. We thank Indeed for the opportunity to collaborate on this new initiative.”

The new partnership includes a co-branded Southwestern and Indeed web portal that provides students and alumni access to Indeed’s workshops, webinars, job search platforms, company pages, career guides, and salary tools. The program focuses on five key areas: job search, resume writing, interview prep, offer evaluation, and career direction.

“My hope is that the Job Search Academy resources will serve as a supplement to the good work Adrian and his team in the Center for Career & Professional Development are doing with Southwestern students and alumni,” Berndt said. “We are thrilled to have Southwestern University as a partner.”

In addition to serving as the world’s #1 job site, Indeed also features more than one billion ratings and reviews of companies, as well as a robust salary database and a Career Guide featuring over 10,000 articles written by subject matter experts. Indeed also conducts the largest work wellbeing survey, allowing the site to score workplaces on employee happiness, purpose, stress-level, and job satisfaction.

“There are a lot of online resources for job searching, but you can’t always be certain of their utility or value,” Senior Associate Director of the CCPD Alexandra Anderson said. “Indeed’s Job Search Academy, led by one of my mentors in the career development profession, Matt Berndt, is a resource I feel fully confident in recommending. By collaborating with a well-known local technology company, which has the resources to create this high-quality, accessible online content, Southwestern University brings the best of both worlds to Pirates – high tech and high touch. Students can take confidence in the advice they receive when visiting CCPD and when accessing this online content at their convenience.”

To view the Job Search Academy, powered by Indeed and Southwestern University, please click here.