The methodology for this project includes extensive research on the different marginalized groups who have a history of colonialism/imperialism, enslavement and exploitation within Texas. If possible we would also like to reach out to individuals from these marginalized groups or who’s cultures have been silenced
throughout Texas history. We will compile these interviews within a 10 minute video, as well as any videos of us creating the rug and sourcing its fabric/materials. We plan to have all of the research finished by November, latest, by the end of this semester. Once that research has been collected, we will begin to gather the materials used to represent each group’s oppression/freedom as well as start reaching out to individuals to video document their experiences. We would like to include an interactive element to the piece as well. We would like to leave an area of the rugs empty and provide our audience with fabrics so that they can add to either Rug A, or Rug B. We will have written explanations of why each material/fabric was chosen and its cultural/historical significance. During both symposiums, the rugs, video and written pieces will be displayed.