The nexus between the natural sciences and visual arts is becoming increasingly prominent in the public conscience. The goal of our project is to use mathematical concepts to evoke emotion through a series of paintings. Our first painting highlights the ever present Fibonacci’s spiral in a dark and foreboding piece, conveying sadness and isolation akin to the insignificance one might feel in the face of the vastness of the universe. The second painting represents a state of calm and peace through the sin and cos functions. The third painting creates a mood of passion and anger via linear function with varying depths and colors. The final painting models the ellipse in its circle form to convey feelings of happiness and joy. This series of paintings is a physical representation of the constant connection that exists between math and art with an overarching theme of human emotion. We hope that our series of paintings can surface both emotional feelings and curiosity from viewers that make them want to engage with the growing space that connects art and science.