From his early days at Southwestern as a business major and football player to his current role as a product manager at an apparel startup, Mason Biggers’ ’21 journey is one of resilience and dedication to making a lasting impact. He has carved a unique path in the sports and outdoor industry, where he showcases a blend of passion, creativity, and commitment to personal growth.

Biggers began college in 2017, focusing on business, and wanted to leverage his athletics background for future opportunities. Throughout his four years, he excelled on the football field as a player and captain and actively participated in extracurriculars like Established Men Promoting Intelligence, Respect, and Efficacy (EMPIRE). EMPIRE provided Biggers with a platform to contribute to campus life and led him to various leadership roles. He also worked in the University’s Development Office, which allowed him to interact with the campus community and gain valuable insights into the intricacies of fundraising and donor relationships. “Looking back on it, working in the Development Office taught me how to interact with people in higher-up positions and showed me how businesses work,” Biggers remarked. “Then, my internship with the Houston Methodist Hospital marketing department during Covid taught me how to be successful in the digital realm.”

In 2020, when Biggers began considering pursuing graduate school, he looked for opportunities to channel his passion for sports into a different realm. Inspired by the application process, he embarked on a project to rebrand Southwestern’s athletic department in collaboration with the University’s Senior Creative Director Matt Madsen. Despite not being a designer, Biggers worked with Madsen to tell a cohesive and engaging story, bringing their vision to life. “It was a perfect storm,” Madsen recalled. “I had been wanting to rebrand, and Mason did too; we just didn’t know we both had the same idea until he approached the marketing department.” The pair worked tirelessly for months, meeting over Zoom calls as Madsen produced countless design options and Biggers offered feedback until the final product was created. The pair then met with the University’s Board of Trustees to present the project, where Biggers gained real-world experience in pitching and receiving approval on a new product. The rebranding effort enhanced Southwestern Athletics’ visual identity and showcased Biggers’ ability to initiate and lead impactful projects.

After graduating, Biggers pursued a master’s degree in sports product management at the University of Oregon. This program marked a pivotal moment in his career trajectory and exposed him to the holistic lifecycle of creating products in the sports and outdoor industry. Through internships and hands-on experiences, he gained valuable insights into the intersection of sports, fashion, and business. During graduate school, he and some classmates founded a community-centered initiative called The Creative Bloc. Initially, an affinity group for Black creatives to connect authentically and amplify their voices, the Creative Bloc has evolved into a creative agency that collaborates on projects highlighting multidisciplinary artists and community events. Biggers envisions the agency expanding its reach through brand partnerships and product launches and becoming a platform for diverse creative endeavors.

Currently, Biggers is a product manager at Earth Studies, an apparel startup focused on lifestyle outdoor clothing. His role involves managing photoshoots, collaborating with designers, and overseeing product development. Beyond his primary role, he is also a freelance photographer and continues his work as a cofounder at The Creative Bloc. Thinking back on his time as a student, he emphasizes the importance of individuality and advises current students not to fear pursuing different paths. His journey highlights the significance of mentorships, networking, and taking the time to explore diverse opportunities. “Don’t be afraid to talk to as many people in different industries as possible,” Biggers said. “Find mentors and people you can rely on and take full advantage of all the opportunities Southwestern provides. You may not reach your dream job immediately, but don’t be afraid to take the step that puts you on the path to success.”

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