Megan Schmid ’07 began her academic journey at Southwestern with a final goal in mind: becoming a doctor. Initially, she intended to pursue a double major in chemistry and theatre, but her plans shifted when the schedules of these classes conflicted. Driven by her passion for the performing arts, she opted for a major in theatre, accompanied by minors in French and feminist studies. This decision set her on the path toward a legal career.

Schmid’s Southwestern Experience wasn’t confined to the stage; it extended into classrooms where she discovered the power of research and writing. Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Theatre Sergio Costola, whose courses covered the rich history of theater, became her mentor. He recognized Schmid’s talent for writing and encouraged her to refine it further in the Debby Ellis Writing Center, where she honed her skills. A pivotal moment in Schmid’s journey occurred at an academic conference, where Costola’s assistance led her to present a research paper, showcasing her talents beyond the stage. It was at this conference that Schmid contemplated two paths: pursuing a career in law or academia. The call of the courtroom won.

In reflecting on her time as a student, Schmid acknowledges the connection between theater and the law. Public speaking, the ability to captivate an audience, and the knack for persuasive storytelling were all vital components of her theater background, which found a new home in the courtroom where she serves as a trial lawyer. Schmid handles a variety of business litigation cases, including high-stakes contract disputes across all industries and real-estate litigation, ranging from commercial/industrial landlord-tenant battles to complex easement disputes and construction design flaws. She most recently married her passion for the arts with her love of the courtroom in a high-profile matter representing a world-renowned recording artist in claims against her record label. The courtroom has become her stage, and each case is a performance where she seeks to outwit the opposition. Schmid says working with the associates is the most fulfilling part of her job. “I really enjoy working with young men and women who are just beginning their law career and helping to teach them, contributing to their growth, and collaborating. I love it when we help a client, and I feel like I’ve impacted the lives and the careers of the associates I’m working with.”

Her commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her law practice. Schmid is involved with the Women’s Resource of Greater Houston, where she serves on the board as the vice president of programs. The organization aims to provide financial education to women and girls, empowering them to chart their own destinies. “I started out as a volunteer and taught financial education classes,” Schmid explained. “Now that I’m on the board, I spend a lot of time figuring out how to expand the reach of those we are helping and steering the organization. I’ve been involved for a long time, and I’m very proud of the work we do.” She is also on the board of Young Audiences of Houston, advocating for bringing diverse art forms to students who may not otherwise have exposure to the arts.

Her journey from Galveston to Southwestern and beyond has shaped her worldview. The University’s emphasis on global awareness and her semester abroad in Paris fostered a deep sense of responsibility toward societal issues. Her minor in feminist studies became a guiding force, influencing her advocacy for gender equality in the male-dominated field of law. She champions the cause of women, encouraging them to be fearless, noting, “I want to make sure that women are encouraged to go out and pursue a career. If you want a career and a family, you can absolutely do it. I have two kids, who I love dearly, and that’s a big part of my life. No matter what’s happening with my career, they’re still integral to my life.”

She imparts her wisdom to current students, emphasizing the importance of nurturing relationships, embracing campus culture, and never underestimating the power of staying connected. Schmid is a testament to the many ways one can contribute to society. Her journey is one of empowerment, resilience, and the enduring impact of a Southwestern education.