As an artist, I believe we can understand the human impact on our environment through personal stories of living in diverse landscapes. To achieve this, I use my own experiences, encounters, and personal imagery as visual autobiography. This includes examining my memory in relation to specific locations, acting as protagonist in weather-altered terrains, and investigating symbolic relationships of human/animal interactions. Each artwork I create is inspired by numerous photographs, extended observation, and objects collected at site-specific locations. While all of my artworks begin as graphite drawings, some later merge into sculpture, printmaking, or painting as an extension of my practice. These projects employ and advance contemporary drawing practices that are rich in narrative, interdisciplinary in approach, exquisitely rendered, and monumental in scale. By reinvigorating traditional landscape motifs (that prioritize the romantic idea of nature) through a contemporary lens, I highlight prominent environmental and ecological issues. These works are a new kind of realism that look not just at how we encounter the world around us, but which depict the struggles that circumscribe the idea of habitation for this generation as well as our future.