Cat Partners of Southwestern University has friends. Thank goodness! Our strong group of friends, who we call ‘Honorary Cat Partners’, come from the relationships students have formed within their social networks, parents, alumni, local rescue groups, and residents of the local Georgetown community. This network of people helps the student organization with many things. Today they are helping by loaning cat traps, volunteering to trap, and sharing information about resources for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

This weekend is ‘The Big Fix’ for community cats, an event sponsored by The Nicholas J. Juried Family Foundation and Shadow Cats One Life Fund - your donations in action. The event is hosted by Animal Balance, Shadow Cats, and Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. The goal of the event is to spay/neuter 200 cats.

Appointments have been made to include two of our campus cats in Monday’s TNR activities - Princess and Toothless, the two black cats at Mabee Residence Hall. We tried trapping these cats on July 15th. It was unsuccessful. Wish us luck this time!

Toothless is being trapped by homeowners in the Windridge Village subdivision on E. 3rd Street. He spends much time over there, being courted by homeowners in the hopes of making him their community cat. Princess is still living under the Mabee Residence Hall and eating at that feeding station.

Both cats will be trapped using drop traps. If you are curious, this video shows a drop trap being used to trap cats.

An update will be sent about our successful -or- unsuccessful trapping experience.