His real name is “Baby Cat”. His owner lives in the Old Town area of Georgetown, near the SU campus. He was missing from his home for five weeks before showing up on the Southwestern University campus. Baby Cat sustained an injury to his tail during his time as a stray cat. When first-year students found him at the Mabee residence hall they immediately reached out to the student organization Cat Partners for help. Cat Partners cares for all free-roaming cats on campus, both stray and feral. When a cat is suspected of being sick or injured, Cat Partners will humanely trap the cat and work to procure the necessary medical treatment. In the case of Baby Cat, Cat Partners spent the money necessary to get his tail amputated, neutering, vaccinations, and other emergency medical care. His owner is immensely appreciative, as they did not have the funds readily available for his emergency surgery. Baby Cat is very happy to be back with his loving family following his surgery today. They will provide loving care while he recuperates following his tail amputation and neuter surgery. When he is well he will be brought to campus for a visit. Stay tuned for more information on how to visit him.

Cat Partners will be fundraising to replenish their funds after this unexpected expense. Watch Campus Notices for information about an upcoming fundraising event.