The cat is a boy. about 12 months old, very friendly, in perfect health, free of disease, and very adoptable. He does not have a microchip and we do not know his story. His tail injury is severe. His tail appears to have been caught in a door and defleshed when he pulled it out. He is scheduled for tail amputation surgery, and neuter surgery, on Tuesday morning.

The veterinarian, Swathi Cherukumulinti of Northwest Pet Hospital, and her staff, named our boy “Phineas”, “Phin” for short.

Phineas is being cared for by Kelly Lessard, Advisor to the Cat Partners student organization, until he recovers from surgery. He will be up for adoption following his recovery period. Students are invited to participate in his care and help find him a forever home. Watch campus notices daily for information on opportunities to engage with Phineas.

The perfect outcome for Phineas is a forever home. If we do not secure a forever home, he may become a campus cat, at least for a while.