Southwestern is pleased to announce its partnership with Zipcar, a leading car-sharing service, to provide students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community with a convenient and hassle-free transportation solution. With Zipcar’s presence on campus, the SU community can now enjoy the freedom of exploring Georgetown and beyond without owning a car.

“The presence of Zipcars will enhance the SU community. Many students and employees need the availability of a vehicle for unexpected reasons as numerous students are unable to bring a personal car to campus; renting a Zipcar is a more affordable option,” Vice President for Student Life Brit Katz said. “Further, some students with cars may decide that a Zipcar is preferred over having a vehicle on campus. A Zipcar spurs any student to explore Georgetown, Austin-Metro, and Texas with friends. It’s as simple as creating an online account, reserving the sedan, and cranking the A/C.”

Convenience is at the core of Zipcar’s offering. Students, faculty, and staff have control over their schedules, no longer needing to rely on public transportation or coordinating rides with friends. The ease of reserving a Zipcar through the online platform or mobile app means that a vehicle will be ready and waiting whenever they need it.

Two vehicles are now available — a Toyota Prius and a Kia Soul. Students, faculty, and staff can join online or via the Zipcar app for $35, with rates starting as low as $13.50 per hour and $79.25 per day. Zipcar’s designated parking spots along Southwestern Boulevard facilitate easy pick-ups and drop-offs. The SU community will no longer have to deal with the hassle of searching for parking or navigating complex return processes, as Zipcar ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.

Since 2001, Zipcar has been a critical component in creating a sustainable transportation network on college and university campuses nationwide, giving students an easy way to get around without bringing a personal car to school. Fewer personal vehicles on campus reduce traffic, congestion, and carbon emissions while freeing up valuable space that could be used to enhance the campus experience. According to Zipcar’s 2022 North American Transportation Survey.

Sign up today to experience effortless campus transportation and learn more about Zipcar at Southwestern here.