During the May 13, 2023, Commencement ceremony, members of the Student Philanthropy Council proudly announced that 92% of the Class of 2023 had made a gift to the University, with 64% joining the Tower Society by making a gift of $20.23. The students and families of the Class of 2023 who supported this senior gift contributed $152,785.55 to Southwestern this year.

“To me, the senior gift wasn’t about donating to Southwestern,” said John David Guerrero ’23. “Instead, I thought of it as an investment into a kid I’d probably never meet, but who probably needed the same kind of help I did at one point.”

The graduates also broke a record in endowing their individual class scholarship. Since 2015, each graduating class has aimed to build a scholarship of a minimum of $25,000 by their fifth-year reunion. The Class of 2023 Scholarship Fund surpassed its goal and has raised $ 51,174.23 for this scholarship. In the fall of 2024, an incoming first-year Southwestern student will receive a scholarship in the class’s name.

The new graduates’ generosity will support future students’ Southwestern Experience and encourage students to continue giving back to the University.