Southwestern University and the Georgetown Trails Foundation (GTF) have agreed on a partnership that will extend and help complete the Foundation’s extensive trail system around Georgetown.

The trail will be a delightful addition for hikers and cyclists in Georgetown and at Southwestern,” said SU President Laura Skandera Trombley. “As we develop long-term plans to create a sustainable, mixed-use liberal arts community on more than 500 acres east of our campus, the addition of natural trails will help showcase the cultural and ecological value of this land to our community.”

The mission of GTF is to promote, create, and maintain a natural surface trail system in Georgetown for outdoor recreation, public health and well-being, economic development, and community enrichment.

“The Georgetown Trails Foundation is excited to extend trails through this amazing land for students and residents to quickly slip from the city’s hubbub into a peaceful, quiet natural place,” said Perry Steger, president of the GTF. “We are delighted to partner with Southwestern University to extend natural surface hiking and biking trails throughout the University’s beautiful property and connect to Georgetown’s San Gabriel Park.”

Steger said the San Gabriel River—which will be the first leg of the proposed trail—defines the northern border of Southwestern’s property, while Smith Branch Creek, along with its soaring limestone cliffs and groves of trees, winds for two miles through the middle of the property. He said GTF members are already coordinating with Southwestern faculty to incorporate trail building into the student experience this spring.

According to the Foundation, Georgetown’s uniquely scenic terrain, twin rivers, rugged lake, plentiful green space, and already existing trail infrastructure offer one of the best nature trail systems in the state of Texas.

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