How to Use the Mood Bridwell Sound System

The Mood Bridwell Sound System is located in the bottom right cabinet in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator. The left door should open easily and there is a latch on the lower back of the right door.



Turn On the Main Power (1)

Using the CD Player

  • Turn on the CD power (2)
  • Use CD Player Controls (3)


Using an iPod/MP3 Player

  • Plug into iPod/MP3 Jack (6)
  • A 6’ cable can be found in the drawer at the bottom of the equipment rack
  • Adjust the volume on your mp3 player or laptop


Turn Off the Main Power (1) after the event and return the mp3 player cable (if used)


If you need cables, microphones or other audio equipment, please call Audiovisual Services at x1666 or email us.