Southwestern University has been named a 2023 Best Southwest College by College Raptor, a leading college planning platform that helps families discover college matches driven by AI algorithms to find the best colleges at the best price. Out of hundreds of colleges in the southwest, Southwestern University is ranked #10 in the platform’s list.

According to the editors of the list, the selection recognizes Southwestern as a leading institution in the country based on a combination of factors, including the percentage of first-year students who return for a second year, the median SAT and ACT scores of incoming first-year students, the average faculty salary, the student-faculty ratio, how selective admissions are, and the school’s four- and six-year graduation rates.

“Since 2015, we’ve carefully assembled our lists each year to highlight the best schools in different categories to help families get started in the discovery process,” says Bill Staib, College Raptor’s CEO. “Southwestern has shown dedication to academic excellence. We are proud to highlight them.”

About College Raptor, Inc.

College Raptor creates tools to help students, parents, counselors, and colleges resolve significant challenges in college planning. With its motto, “College Planning. Evolved,” Raptor is the only search platform that enables students and families to discover quality, affordable college options based on personalized estimates of financial aid, scholarships, academic match, and acceptance odds at every four-year college in the country. As a result, students and their families find cost-effective, academically appropriate college options that prepare them for future careers.

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