Light Body seeks to rekindle physical and spiritual connections that ground all sentient beings to the Earth. Each medium used investigates a different approach to reconnecting to nature. The artworks confront the modern day separation of human existence from the Earth by drawing similarities between the human form and the beautiful intricacies of natural spaces. This exhibit allows us to engage in meaningful dialogue with nature to understand the consciousness that flows through all things. By empathizing with the forms of nature, we are able to reevaluate both the relationships we hold with Earth and the actions we take to protect it.

The watercolor paintings are composed with impressions of flowers and leaves, along with parts of my own body, to document intimate experiences within nature. These motifs symbolize the lasting impacts exchanged between ourselves and our environment. The natural objects depicted are enlarged to the scale of the human body. The scale allows for the contemplation of the presence of ourselves within forms in nature. The use of vibrant colors and intuitive forms evoke the intricate spirit that exists within these objects.

Through video documented performance, I integrate my own body, stripped of societal influence and cultural identifiers, into natural spaces. I harness the presence of my body through meditation and intuitive movement, with every gesture being influenced by my surroundings. Within the videos, my body visually emerges and disappears into the landscape, blurring the line between human and nature.

The immersive installation features living plants, rocks, and soil composed to resemble a native Texas landscape. By walking through and interacting with the landscape, the viewer becomes a part of the piece itself. The installation brings an appreciation to the diversity of Texas ecosystems, and promotes the contemplation of ways to reintroduce nature into our lives.