Two Step is a short film about 5 students of a central Texas liberal arts college that are facing the impending night of graduation. Since they are all part of the sorority family “Gemini” (with the honorary Gemini role to the guy best friend that tags along) and they decide to follow the tradition of doing one last “family” adventure. While going on the road trip destined to Laredo, they run into issues that are personal and physical that prevent them from what they truly want. Through a comedic way of expressing worries of what next to do from their final night of being a student, the context becomes very relatable through humor to many people. This short film shows the different mindsets of college graduates whether people know exactly what their plan is or have absolutely no idea what direction they will go after they throw their caps. With the collaboration of local students being casted to be in the project, actor or not, they can be able to translate what it is like to be an actual student of Southwestern University. People will be able to see themselves in each character that show that being a student no matter what is scary, exciting, and an experience that many people appreciate.