The Imaginary Horizon Series will feature up to five short films of science fiction, and comedy, due to the generosity of actors, crew, and the King Creativity Fund. The first: The Social Delirium, about the effect social media centered economy has on a park ranger whose account had been hacked, deleting his account, but not the misplaced perceptions; thus, causing him to question the line between the natural and artificial. The second, Saving Place, about a grassroots recycling advocate in a hotel room is faced with the decision if he should follow through with the society’s artificially arranged marriage. The third, Love Sick, about a scientist hellbent upon proving big pharma’s best selling love potion is a placebo discovering an alternative effect from her conclusion. The Fourth, A Sprinkling For The May Queen, about a student who can only see her husband on the weekends plans to leave early until she discovers he has been assigned to work near her school that a hurricane may likely flood. The fifth, Sleepless In Scieatburg, about an inventor upset about magically waking up one hundred years in the past struggles with her fears of growing old, and losing those she’s become close to.