I will explore if it is possible to produce a staged horror play that evokes the same emotions as a horror film without straying into the immersive theater territory. By researching the psychology of fear and analyzing the techniques and design elements that evoke the strongest emotional response from an audience in a specific horror film, I will recreate that scene as both a staged adaptation and a filmed recreation of the original source material. Film and stage are usually kept as separate entities, but exploring how the two can support each other will give me a unique tool set to use as I start my career as a theatre maker once I graduate this Spring. The theatre is one of the most freely creative spaces that I know, so this will be a huge test in the balance between giving the audience room to dream and creating defined production choices that will elicit very specific responses from an audience. I am more interested in discovering a process for how to produce the genre of horror onstage rather than intending to create a perfect final performance.