The goal of this project is to examine ways in which two neighboring countries (Canadian and U.S) can learn from each other in order to maximize the strengths of their respective special education systems. Additional goals include: (1) taking a bold step toward developing an innovative, new vision for inclusive education for special education; (2) educating neighboring nations through collaborative sharing and problem-solving; (3) advocating for students with disabilities; and (4) building a United Inclusive Education Advocacy Council. Through the review of the aforementioned countries’ and the actions that were taken to insure inclusion during a worldwide pandemic, we can lay the groundwork for change. While this study in itself only looks at a small sample of the work that could be done, it is the foundation for innovation, creativity and inspiration in this new frontier of education. The devastating effects of the pandemic is the impetus for change - one that helps us find a way we can do better for children. On the heels of our struggle we can reflect, research and rise to the challenge of change. We cannot let this moment pass without engaging in the energy and focus it offers us. The pandemic and the impact it has had on our lives is a concern for everyone at this moment, using that opportunity to fuel the motion for change is our responsibility. This small study is the spark that lights that fire within education.