A Garden Where I Found Myself, and I Found You’ brings plants and earth into the confines of the gallery. The clashing of natural and manmade worlds collide to confront the displacement from nature that people have established through the development of modern society. We have progressively separated themselves from nature and the stewardships that we once held with the Earth. The disassociation from nature has expanded to a disconnect from ourselves and others. This phenomenon has progressed through polarizing beliefs surrounding politics, along with the ongoing pandemic. Separation brings destruction, as the Earth has become neglected and people have turned against each other. Through an exploration in sacred geometry that makes up and unifies all things in the universe, I am longing for reconnection to our bodies, to others, and to nature. I invite you to enter the immersive space of a garden influenced by connective symbolism. As you walk through the garden, bring awareness to your body as it relates to, and interacts with the space and the people you’re sharing it with. The garden is a reminder of our roots that ground us to the Earth that connects us to one another.