This summer, Assistant Professor of Physics Cody Crosby and three of his students—biology and business double major Andrew Vergote ’21, physics major Katie Rosencrantz ’22, and physics major Jonathan Smart ’23—collaborated on an innovative research project that may change how we manufacture human tissue.

To engineer human tissue in the laboratory, Crosby explains, cells are typically isolated, expanded, seeded, and incubated in a medium that’s intended to aid the final tissue’s growth and maturation. However, in the last five years, researchers have increasingly recognized that engineered tissue fails to mimic the physiological complexity and lacks the necessary blood vessels of human tissue. Bioprinting, a process that integrates current 3-D printing technology with the latest developments in bioengineering to “print” viable tissues and organs, may be able to overcome these limitations.  

Local NBC affiliate, KXAN, recently interviewed Crosby about his research. See their story below.

KXAN Interview

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