DelawareInc Entrepreneurship Guide -

Guide with entrepreneurship resources for immigrants and refugees.

DREAMer Jobs -

Facebook group with job postings.

H1B Grader -

Searchable database of employers that sponsor H1B visas.

International Student -

Job search function and resources for international students. 

MyVisaJobs -

Searchable database of employers that sponsor visas.

Summer Research and Professional Development Programs for Undocumented Students in STEM -

List with links to programs for undocumented students or students on DACA.


AbroadPlanet -

List of employers with internships/positions for international students.

CitizenPath Employment Rights with DACA 

Information and FAQs about professional employment under DACA.

DACA-Friendly Employers -

List from a survey by UPenn and UCLA of employers who are seeking to hire DACA recipients.

DREAM Bar Association -

Organization for DACA recipients looking to enter the legal field.

Harvard’s Act on a Dream scholarship database - 

Immigrants Rising -

Education-based advocacy and support organization, featuring information on entrepreneurship-based options and opportunities.

Life After College: A Guide for Undocumented Students -

Guide created by Immigrants Rising; includes information on graduate and professional school, types of professional schools, internships, employment, traveling abroad, immigration options, and emotional health.

My Undocumented Life -

Blog site with section about life after college, includes some job postings.

My Undocumented Life’s Scholarships -

Blog My Undocumented Life has a page of scholarships and other opportunities for undocumented students.

National Immigration Law Center -

Legal support, policy implications, and data

National Immigration Law Center About DACA and Employment -

Information about DACA and employment in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean.

Navigating Graduate School: Resource Guide for Undocumented Students -

A guide created by Santa Clara Law, includes information and resources on applying to graduate school, financial aid, transportation, employment, and academic success

Pre-Health Dreamers -

Organization of undocumented pre-health students.

Sharing your Status article -

Fast Company article written by an immigrant giving their advice on how, why, and when to share your immigration status with an employer.

United We Dream -

Youth-based, immigrant-led, advocacy group

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - National Origin -

EEOC information on discrimination based on national origin.

UndocuBlack Network -