Ability Jobs -

Job search platform for people with disabilities. 

AbilityLinks -

Job search platform and resources for people with disabilities.

American Council of the Blind - Job Connection -

A listing of jobs nationwide, by category (rehabilitation agencies, media, etc.)

Americans with Disabilities Act Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment - -

CIP’s full-year postsecondary programs provide young adults with Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, Nonverbal and other Learning Differences with the social, academic, career, and life skills necessary for success.

Community Options -

Provides the services and supports that empower people with disabilities to live as independently as possible, including providing the evaluations, support, and follow-up required to assist individuals with pursuing employment taking into consideration the needs of individuals with disabilities. 

DisabledPerson Disability Job Board -

Job board for people with disabilities.


Federal Employment of People with Disabilities -

This page explains Federal policies toward hiring people with disabilities and workplace accommodation, and provides detailed instructions for people with disabilities who are interested in applying for a job in the federal government. 

Mobility International USA -

Empowers people with disabilities around the world through international exchange and international development. Look for downloadable booklet: “Preparing for an International Career: Pathways for People with Disabilities”.

Office of Disability Employment Policy -

This federal office’s website offers valuable information and tips, as well as access to join a database of candidates sent to employers, for job seekers with disabilities. 

Project Hired -

Job consulting and resources for people with disabilities.

The Sierra Group Recruit Disability -

Job search platform for people with disabilities. 

Workforce Recruitment Program

The Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities is a free resource that connects federal agencies nationwide with qualified job candidates with disabilities for temporary or permanent positions in a variety of fields.


Attention Deficit Disorder Association -

Useful resources for ADHD and ADD in the workplace.

Job Accommodation Network -

A free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the employability of people with disabilities. 

Learning Disabilities Association of America -

Employment resources for adults with learning disabilities

LimeConnect -

Network of university students and professionals with disabilities.


The National Federation of the Blind -

Viscardi Center -

This resource, primarily targeted for employers but also useful for job seekers, has the benefit of national recognition. The site sets itself up as the leading resource for employers seeking to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace and companies seeking to reach them in the consumer marketplace.