Ability Jobs -

Job search platform for people with disabilities. 

AbilityLinks -

Job search platform and resources for people with disabilities.

American Council of the Blind - Job Connection - 

A listing of jobs nationwide, by category (rehabilitation agencies, media, etc.)

Americans with Disabilities Act Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment - -

CIP’s full-year postsecondary programs provide young adults with Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, Nonverbal and other Learning Differences with the social, academic, career, and life skills necessary for success.

Community Options -

Provides the services and supports that empower people with disabilities to live as independently as possible, including providing the evaluations, support, and follow-up required to assist individuals with pursuing employment taking into consideration the needs of individuals with disabilities. 

DisabledPerson Disability Job Board -

Job board for people with disabilities.

Federal Employment of People with Disabilities -

This page explains Federal policies toward hiring people with disabilities and workplace accommodation, and provides detailed instructions for people with disabilities who are interested in applying for a job in the federal government. 

Mobility International USA -

Empowers people with disabilities around the world through international exchange and international development. Look for downloadable booklet: “Preparing for an International Career: Pathways for People with Disabilities”.

Office of Disability Employment Policy -

This federal office’s website offers valuable information and tips, as well as access to join a database of candidates sent to employers, for job seekers with disabilities. 

Project Hired -

Job consulting and resources for people with disabilities.

The Sierra Group Recruit Disability -

Job search platform for people with disabilities. 

Workforce Recruitment Program

The Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities is a free resource that connects federal agencies nationwide with qualified job candidates with disabilities for temporary or permanent positions in a variety of fields.


Attention Deficit Disorder Association -

Useful resources for ADHD and ADD in the workplace.

Job Accommodation Network -

A free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the employability of people with disabilities. 

Learning Disabilities Association of America - 

Employment resources for adults with learning disabilities

LimeConnect -

Network of university students and professionals with disabilities.

The National Federation of the Blind -

Viscardi Center - 

Providing a lifespan of programs and services that educate, employ and empower children and adults with disabilities.