Morpheus explores an abstracted relationship between the human mind and body and its relationship with the world around it by manipulating light and structure. Taking influence from Yayoi Kusama, Paige Bradley, and Soo Sunny Park, my work embraces the abstract concepts of the mental forces of humanity and aims to coax them out into the physical world. By creating spaces that represent the abstract concepts of thought and memory, Morpheus aims to serve as a physical manifestation of the mental scape.

My entire life I have constantly been in awe of the expanse and creativity that makes up the human mind, from the ability to create the most beautiful spaces to the creation of some of the darkest ones. The variety of possibilities brought forth by the spectrum of light and darkness developed by the mind is an enticing subject for one’s inspiration, and continues past the ingenuity needed to create a physical form. The seemingly boundless plane of creativity is constantly refashioning itself with experience and wisdom, and each individual can view the world in an entirely different manner. This allows for an infinite number of interpretations and perspectives. When embracing this concept, one work can turn into millions with the lens of one’s own experience and interaction, completing its journey from creation to observation.

With the intensely capacious space that the human psyche presents being so abstract and intangible, the viewer is sent on an introspective journey to further explore their own creative mental spaces. In turn, Morpheus provides physical forms as a gentle guide through the metaphysical.